Nutrition Genetics


What will I know from Nutrition Genetics?

You will know what food suits you and what doesn’t, from a macro and micronutrient perspective. Your genes will help you answer questions like

  • Should I drink milk?
  • How much coffee is good for me?
  • Will I lose weight if I eat carb in moderation?
  • How much protein is good for me?
  • I eat less but I gain a lot, is it due to salt sensitivity?
  • Is my body absorbing the vitamins I eat?

This test will simply help you know what is right nutrition for you. If you eat right, your body absorbs nutrient better and prevents disease. Simply said, this test will help in making your food your medicine.


With this test, you will know what food suits and what doesn’t. There have been times when people say something is good for health but it doesn’t suit you. Reason: GENES.

Your genes decide what is good for you and what isn’t. So know the inside to improve your outside.